For Communities

Children thrive when social and emotional learning is integrated not just at school but throughout their communities.

“The condition of our social and emotional health influences the degree to which we can fulfill our innate potential.” -Martine Helou, Executive Director, Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery

SEL in the Community

Social and emotional learning starts at home. Parents, families and communities are critical partners in helping their children develop social and emotional know-how. Each need to model the kinds of skills, attitudes, and behaviors we want all students to master. In addition, community organizations that partner directly with schools offer students opportunities to practice the SEL skills they are learning.  

This interactive, online guide from CASEL offers guidance, resources, tools, and templates to promote parent-school-community partnerships. Highlights include: 

  • Communicating with families and inviting them to participate
  • Organizing opportunities for families to come together and discuss SEL topics
  • Suggesting SEL strategies to use at home
  • Building strong partnerships between school day and out-of-school-time educators
  • Cultivating students’ community awareness
  • Partnering with community organizations to support SEL

Moving Forward as a Resilient Community: Focusing on Social Emotional Health and Wellness in the School Environment: four trauma-informed considerations, grounded in racial equity and social justice, to help schools, and families, support resilience in students as we move forward through the pandemic. Find under Restarting School on the SEL4OR page.

“Children who are raised in homes where attention is given to feelings, empathy, and relationships will have what they need to make positive changes in our world.” -Christine Donavan, PCI® Certified Parent Coach