Butch Howard Joins SEL4SC Board of Directors

Francis R. “Butch” Howard has been appointed to the SEL4SC board of directors.

Mr. Howard earned a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also has had Executive MBA Training at the University of Georgia and at Southern Company. Mr. Howard worked for Georgia Power Company for 38 years, managing a wide variety of operations in both corporate and in-field offices before serving as power delivery training manager. 

Butch Howard

After retiring from Georgia Power, Mr. Howard launched his own business consulting firm in Atlanta in 2003. The firm, which became ChoicePoint Consulting upon its relocation to South Carolina in 2006, blends decades of experience with leading-edge assessment tools to analyze situations and help organizations, teams, and individuals make decisions, choose and place talented people, improve as teams, and get exceptional results. 

Mr. Howard also serves as a Value-Added Associate with TTI Success Insights, which helps organizations thrive via the use of research-backed, award-winning behavioral assessments for employees and leaders. 

In addition to his work with TTI Success Insights and ChoicePoint Consulting, Mr. Howard has also been instrumental in launching and/or serving with numerous other community programs and organizations. Since 2004, he and his wife Linda have been active members of Seacoast Church, where they’ve led small groups, coached small group leaders, and served as elders. Mr. Howard was also instrumental in the creation of ReStart, a not-for-profit organization which helps the unemployed, underemployed, and those in career transition develop important “life skills” to enhance their employment search.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) refers to a broad set of essential life skills children and adults can learn and use to regulate their emotions, communicate with others, use compassion and empathy to understand the needs of other people, build relationships, and make good decisions. These skills become even more important for young people as they enter the workforce and build healthy relationships as adults.

Mr. Howard’s extensive experience teaching interpersonal skills — as well as his heart for families, our community, and our nation — make him an ideal addition to SEL4SC’s board of directors.

“With all the division around us, it’s crucial that we promote empathy in our culture,” says Mr. Howard. “I’m honored to work with SEL4SC to teach people the importance of being kind and working intentionally – whether they’re in the classroom or the workplace.”

Not only will Mr. Howard provide guidance regarding SEL4SC’s current initiatives, but his input will also help SEL4SC with its curriculum creation efforts, including developing business-focused programs for promoting life skills in the workplace.    

“The culture of our nation has changed, and more than ever we need to learn how to relate to each other and build relationships based on understanding and empathy,” says Al Estee, Founder & President of SEL4SC. “Butch shares this vision, and his perspective, experience, and insights will be invaluable in helping SEL4SC fulfill its mission.”

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