#345 (3 words) I love you, (4 words) I care about you, (5 words) I am here for you.

Miss Alayanah Page, from Bennettsville Intermediate School, describes what #345 means to her. 

In collaboration with the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Initiative 2020 Midlands Group, SEL4SC is launching a statewide awareness campaign replicating the #345 relationship building and healthy school climate initiative developed by Dr. Gregory McCord, Superintendent of Marlboro County Schools.

Dr. McCord explains the purpose of #345  is to provide an effective way to show students they are loved, cared for and that there is always someone there for them.  #345 represents phrases of positive affirmations: (3 words) I love you, (4 words) I care about you, and (5 words) I am here for you. Or if in a hurry you simply say #345. The impact of hearing one of these 3 phrases each day could help change the trajectory of one’s outlook on life. The commitment and the beliefs of positive affirmations for students can deter depression and anxiety as well as other symptoms of emotional distress.

Supportive, respectful, trusting relationships are at the heart of what it takes for students to thrive. When students experience engagement and feel a sense of belonging and connection with adults and peers at school, they can build social capital and more readily see adults as social models, accept feedback, and navigate and persevere through challenges. When students and staff feel safe, they are more willing to focus on learning from and with others and take academic risks.

What can you do? Use #345 in social posts, use these phrases daily, get creative and share your unique way of spreading #345 love by sending pictures and videos to We need to show one another that we are all in this together and that we are here for each other.

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