About SEL4SC

Our Mission

SEL4SC is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting essential foundational skills in all schools, families, organizations, and communities in South Carolina.

Our Vision

We envision a South Carolina where all parents, educators, businesses, and community leaders are united in supporting SEL; where SEL is practiced throughout our schools, homes, organizations, and communities; and where we work together as a state to elevate equity, fairness, and a better life for all.

Our Goal

We strive to ensure all children and adults in South Carolina have access to the resources and support they need to succeed in school, work, and life.

We pursue this goal via the following initiatives:

  • Advocate for legislation and funding to support SEL across the state.
  • Conduct research and collect data that informs effective SEL implementation.
  • Publish content to build local and statewide awareness of SEL and its benefits.
  • Consult with schools and other institutions regarding SEL curriculum and best practices.
  • Coordinate parent workshops and equip parents with SEL materials.