About Us


To promote and advance effective social-emotional learning in all schools, families, organizations, and communities in South Carolina. 


We envision a South Carolina where all parents, educators, businesses, and community leaders are united in supporting social-emotional learning; where SEL is practiced throughout our schools, homes, organizations, and communities; and where we work together as a state to elevate equity, fairness, and a better life for all. 

Guiding Values

Inclusive: We believe that every person regardless of race, religions, gender, or orientation is to be valued and respected in our work and in our communities.
Collaborative: We are committed to carrying out our work with the input and assistance of as many voices and perspectives as possible.
Socially Conscious: We are dedicated to promoting fairness within our communities so we can all reach our fullest potential. 


Community Organization

Connect local SEL stakeholders to learn about and share research, advocacy and best practices.


Advocate for state and local SEL policies and funding.

Public Awareness

Informing families, business community and the general public of the benefits of social emotional learning for developing skills that are vital for school, work and life success.


Provide resources and implementation support to schools and other institutions.