Advocating for state and local policies and funding to support social-emotional learning
Connecting local social-emotional learning stakeholders to share best practices

University of South Carolina President Robert Caslen and Sarah Gams, SC Teacher of The Year, Support SEL in SC

“The University of South Carolina is proud to support the efforts of the UofSC College of Education Carolina Family Engagement Center and SC School Improvement Council, the UofSC Law School Institute for Families in Society, the UofSC Psychology Department, All4SC and the SEL4SC Coalition to advance social-emotional learning in schools, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.” -President Caslen of the University of South Carolina

“Social Emotional Learning is foundational. SEL is the lens through which we implement lessons, design assessments, and create policy. It is the lens through which we lead." -Sarah Gams, SC Teacher of the Year 2021

Top of Mind: First 100 Days. 


Educators across the country already recognize the importance of SEL, which was underscored by the challenges of the past year. So it is no surprise that policy leaders are including SEL in their “big ideas” for the next administration’s education agenda. 

“Before covid we imagined the traumas that existed for our kids, since covid, we now know better how much we are needed to help kids address social and emotional shortcomings.” Teaching and caring for kids is more than books and buildings, its reaching into the hearts and minds of those we aim to serve.” -Dr. Gregory A. McCord, Superintendent Marlboro County School District

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"So much of how we interact with our world is rooted in relationships. Children – beginning with the very young – must feel, learn, and develop meaningful, healthy relationships with their peers, their families, their teachers, and with themselves for successful life-long learning.” – Tom F. Hudson , Executive Director, SC School Improvement Council