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What Do We Do?

SEL4SC is a statewide organization that empowers young people and adults to live better and healthier lives by bringing together a network of individuals and organizations that promote crucial social-emotional skills across our state.

We envision a South Carolina where every young person and adult is equipped with the essential social and emotional skills to develop positive relationships and navigate life’s challenges with resilience, empathy, and confidence.

Can you help us?

What is SEL?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) refers to a broad set of foundational life skills children and adults can learn and use to regulate their emotions, communicate with others, use compassion and empathy to understand the needs of other people, build relationships, and make good decisions.

These skills become even more important for young people as they enter the workforce and build healthy relationships as adults.

What are the benefits of SEL?

Social-emotional learning affects the lives of students, teachers, parents, employers, and the larger community in meaningful ways that improve relationships and societies as a whole.

“Social-emotional learning is foundational. SEL is the lens through which we implement lessons, design assessments, and create policy. It is the lens through which we lead.” 

— Sarah Gams, 2021 South Carolina Teacher of the Year


We are looking for partners and donors who can help us empower young people and adults across South Carolina.

Will you consider joining us in our mission?